K9-5 Pet Care Services

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Dog Walking

  • On and off lead with owners permission.
  • Group walks allowing for socialisation
  • Basic training
  • Varied walks to allow your dog to explore different environments and terrain.
  • Dogs benefit from letting of steam and playing with their own kind, learning the important lessons of life.
  • If your dog is receiving medication we can administer upon written instruction 


Group Walks

Dog Sitting.

Allowing your dogs to stay in their own home while you are away.

  • Taking dog or puppy outside for the toilet
  • Owners provide own dog food, this allows for no dramatic changes in the dogs diet which can lead to digesting problems.
  • Owners provide own dog beds to allow dog to have something familiar from home reducing stress levels.
Puppy Rates
Due to extra demands of a puppy the puppy rates are £15 per puppy. this will include plenty of toilet opportunities for the puppy, socialising, initial training, feeds etc.
However once these requirements lessen, usually at 6months. the rate will decreas.

Our van is fitted with a heater for those cold wet days.

Our van has Cooler for the summer days

Well fitted cages in the van with comfy bedding

Fresh water on board

We also do nail trimming for regular customers